Kago Ai Official Blog: Translations 2008.10.10 - 2008.10.15 (+ bonus)

In this batch of Kago Ai blog entries, Kago talks about her recent dinner show, filming her drama "Tonsure", and more!

We've also included a translated article detailing a PR event Kago attended last week, where she reveals plans for a series of mini-albums.
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Kago Ai Solo debut!!

Talent Kago Ai (20) revealed her solo singing debut on October 8. The information was made public at a downtown PR event for the movie "American Teen" (opens October 11) she was attending. Next spring she will release mini albums of self-written songs. It will be her first CD sold since her work with Tsuji Nozomi (21) in W back in September 2005. Without concern for that blank, Kago talked enthusiastically about her "real comeback".


It has been two and a half years since the release of W's 7th single "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" was cancelled due to the smoking scandal. At last Kago's singing voice is being brought back to life.

Her last CD release was "Miss Love Tantei" with W in 2005. According to a spokesperson, by next March she plans to have around four mini albums released. The lyrics will be written by Kago herself, and she is currently in the process of selecting them. The songs will be a rich mixture of ballads and pop music, showing the "New Kago-chan".

Her discussion book for minors was released recently, and she was attending a PR event for a movie aimed at teenagers. From becoming a member of the national idol group Morning Musume at age 12, she went from the peak of their popularity to disappearing from the public eye after being caught smoking at age 18. Looking back, she describes it as being "far from [her] ideal teenage years". But after experiencing those highs and lows, she made it through to her twenties.

Kago said, "I want to be able to work in a variety of genres." When it was revealed she would resume a singing career, she was asked about the possible comeback of her group. She smoothly replied in a somewhat joking manner, "With her [Tsuji]? No, it's about time to go solo."

[Note: Kago said "Soro soro" which has the meaning "it's about time", but also sounds like "solo solo". It was used as a sort of play on words.]

She has been taking voice lessons since summer, and plans to becin recording next month. With so many experiences to feed off of, she will continue to leap into her twenties.


It's Miyazaki!
2008/10/10 11:00

Hello! ☆ I've finally got some information today. You may have already seen it in Shibuya. That's right. I'm in a Goo-Auction commercial on the big outdoor screen in Shibuya! Please check it out while it's running for the next five days. But right now, I'm in Miyazaki Airport!

Gotta do something!
[Note: This was written in Miyazaki dialect, apparently some popular catchphrase of late]

I'm just about to take a bus to Nobeoka for an event! It's the "Kogetsu Bone Marrow Bank Charity Campaign". I can't wait to meet the people from the area.

I was hungry, so I bought a cheese satsuma age at the airport.

It's so good! Gotta do something!


Thank you for your help!
2008/10/10 20:30

I'm eating Chinese food in Miyazaki! I've got another big day tomorrow.

With everyone who came out from Miyazaki and the area, it was really fun today!

Okay, time to eat.


I came to Oita!
2008/10/11 11:15

I've been on the road since 6 o'clock this morning ☆ Oita, where are you?

Oh, there you are!
[Note: This is a pun: "o ita" = "oh, there you are"]

... (lol)

On the way, I saw mountains surrounded by fog. The weather wasn't very good when I took the photo, but it's much better now. It looks like I'm in the Alps.



La la♪ La la♪ La la la♪

Yesterday, I tried some champagne. It was good.


In my free time
2008/10/11 18:15

I've been drawing!

It's a flying elephant!


It's almost time ☆
2008/10/12 16:00

Tomorrow is the long-awaited dinner show!

The staff have thought of a lot of ways to make sure everyone enjoys it. Of course, I helped ♪

Let's have a great time together ☆☆ Let's enjoy ourselves today so that tomorrow will be fun, too!

The first appearance of the "Tonsure" script!


It's time to rock!
2008/10/13 13:00

Everybody's here! I'm in the dressing room!

Time to get psyched!

Now, let's go!


Running around
2008/10/13 16:05

Everyone's so busy! Here I am with my makeup artist and stylist!

I'm going for a retro look.

The back is open and sexy ☆


2008/10/13 16:07

They're calling for me!


It's over!
2008/10/13 18:55

Thank you for making it a fun time!

Here's a photo of me with Airi!


That was fun!
2008/10/14 12:15

Thanks to everybody's support yesterday, the event was a huge success. With people coming from so far away, it felt like I was being looked after by a loving family, so thank you for that. It was fun, and it made me happy. I already mentioned it at the event, but I'm currently planning a Premium Fan Club. I'll announce the details soon, so look forward to that. I hope I can put on lots of fun events like that one again. I've got a lot of ideas I'm working on.

Now I have some information about today's Kago-Channel. I got to talk with Horiemon! That was a big surprise. Of course, I know his name, but this was the first time I talked with him. Kago-Channel is becoming something really big. I was a little nervous at first, though. He is really smart, so I learned a lot of things. Isn't Kago-Channel great? I want to keep trying different subjects from now on. I really want to challenge myself with it. So please be sure to check out Kago-Channel.


Sukiyaki Samba!
2008/10/15 10:40

I want to share this sukiyaki with you!

I've been filming for "Tonsure" since early this morning...

Yesterday, as a reward for the event going well after all our hard work, I had sukiyaki * It turns out that some of the people who came to the show were now fans of mine! New faces ☆☆ The staff at the event were the best! I made some good friends, and it feels like Kago Ai has ascended to another level! It's slow going, but I'm definitely moving forward. I took my time to think up some good lyrics, so I'll have a great present to give you all ♪After this final check, it's time to add the music!

Okay, time to switch my mind over and get working on filming "Tonsure"!


This red ribbon?
2008/10/15 11:15

I'm on the bus heading to the shoot.

Do I look like a schoolgirl?


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